So there we are, almost 14 months later. We took this decision because we felt that, ironically, the products we produced with Awful Quality were not in the quality range we had envisioned it to be. We took a major step back and went back to the drawing table. Over the course of these months, we have worked on our first very own AQ fit. This is a shirt that was hand-tailored by us and we have considered everything from the weight of the fabric to the smallest details in the fit.

The prints itself needed to match this new vision in quality. Our main piece, the Low Effort Tee, has an elevated velour-like print that sets it apart from the others. We doubled the layers of our screen printing process to make sure that the colours pop even more and the print lasts longer.

We also sat down to take a good look at the way we present our products. This meant redoing the neck labels, hangtags, website and packaging.

All of this took some time, but we are here. The new AQ drop is live now.

Jordy & Rick.